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    I have an LG 49UK6200PLA TV connected to a BT Top Box HDMI, plus an Android TV Box HDMI. I was encouraged to buy a "Magic" remote that would replace the multiple of remotes that I have at present. However, the Magic remote works just fine on the TV says it recognizes the peripherals (BT Top Box & Android Box) but doesn't function with them. I have tried both remote settings without any luck. Both the TV and the Android box are connected through a "Neet" HDMI smart box/splitter, is it possible that the Neet HDMI box is preventing the Magic remote from working? I was told the Magic remote was easy to set up yet it's proving to be anything but easy as there is no in-depth instruction book with the remote.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Saor Alba.
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    Do they work individually without the splitter? As I recall, HDMI follows the SCART in being able to transfer commands. I can't remember if that means passing through IR commands or just allowing one device to control another. If the splitter isn't compliant with the full spec it could be blocking or confusing commands (only passing video & audio). Is the magic remote actually a multi remote or does it simply "tell" the TV to control the other devices?

    This is all guess work, but standard fault finding is to swap out components to find where the problem is. If the set up is / was working with individual remotes, can you work each one with the magic remote when they are connected individually without the splitter?

    Also: It could always be a dodgy cable. If you isolate a device as the problem, make sure it's not just the connecting cable.

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