Hello, new here, just got the 65UK6090 on primeday here in Canada, good price and all. I believe it has webOS 4.0, but I'm completely new to this OS.

I will be on this forum from now on of course, there are tons of features which I will get to know over time, and I have already browsed the forums. But I do have a problem already, two actually.

Firstly, the original setup went fine, wifi connected and I could sign in to everything I have. Used the TV for the evening, then went to sleep. In the morning, wifi is not working, and nothing I do will bring it back, in the wifi scan nothing shows up, not mine, not neighbours. I finally relented and reset to factory settings and started the setup again, and wifi is again back no problem, and very strong. Anything I can do here? I can't be resetting the tv to factory every day.

Secondly, the webOS android app won't find the tv, even though my phone is connected to the exact same network and even freq (5G), in the home, and my TV is connected right now at this moment.

I look forward to finding out more about this TV, webOS and have fun with it, and you guys!

Thank you.