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    Hey all
    I've problem with Netflix app on my LG TV smart "55LA6210" 2013 and Netflix app is "2013.3.65"
    I can't play any movies with Arabic subtitle because the version of the application

    the application is too old and there's no update even for WEBOS or Netflix app
    is there any solution or work around for my issue?
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    Well, I don't have netflix, but an external box running android or so with latest netflix application would be a solution.

    I guess that applications are not maintained any more for older TVs... sadly
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    I would'nt expect LG to still update TVs from 2013, if you have an issue your only solution will be to buy some device capable to run a Netflix application that you could plug on you TV via HDMI.
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    Heck, LG doesn't even seem to update TVs that are more than a year old for the most part.
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    As mentioned above, I would suggest to simply grab a streaming device (like Roku) and use that instead of the TV apps. I unfortunately think this is the flaw of TV's with apps built in - the stop supporting those app versions after a couple of years and as the TV OS progresses. Separate streaming players are inexpensive and don't have this issue as often (they do age out - but it takes several years compared to TV operating systems). Both of my LG TV's are first generation webOS and I just found out that the Hulu app is ending support in July. These apps are a selling point for a TV, but if they think I'm going to by a new TV every 3-4 years, they are crazy. I have several Ruku players hooked up to all my tv's and that solved my issues!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    if they think I'm going to by a new TV every 3-4 years, they are crazy
    I agree ... back in the day, the FTC called that "Planned Obsolescence", and it was against the law. What ever happened to that?
    I'm doing it with a Raspberry Pi and Linux (Fedora).
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