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    When I landed on my LG WebOS 4.0 Home Page this morning, there was a message near the top of the screen that said something to the effect of "You have an older version of Chrome, press here to update to the latest version".

    After I pressed that, it didn't download, but instead gave me the task of selecting which "Chrome for Linux" Package to download.

    Option 1: 64bit.deb fir debian/Ubuntu

    Option 2: 64bit.rpm/openSUSE for Fedora/open SUSE

    Option 3: "Other" Link

    Then, at the bottom of the page it said: "Google Chrome will automatically add the Google repository to automatically keep up to date."


    So my question is, should I always ignore such messages, or, if I can update Goggle Chrome, as I was prompted, WHICH OPTION SHOULD I CHOOSE???
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    I had a similar situation recently with Chrome on my LG webos TV, though I don't get as far as download options, it just didn't progress any further when I selected update. I contacted LG support & I was told that the update request was being generated by Chrome itself. The issue is that the version installed in LG TV's is a 'striped down' version of Chrome to work with the LG WebOS installed on the TV. Any updates to Chrome will be made as part of an update to the WebOS version installed on the TV. Updates cannot be made to the browser on it's own as it is integrated into the TV's software & as I said an update by LG is the only thing that will update Chrome.

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