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    Hi guys, i recently bought the LG 49LJ617T and yesterday it automatically updated, and i have a problem, when i am using a app for log time, like watching video on youtube, after a while it say's me something like "Out of Memory, app closed". Please help me what can i do. It displayed this error before the update but never in the youtube app, only when browsing. and i have another problem, when i am watching a video on the web browser, after 10-15 minutes, it displays the same out of memory error, and i watched the same video on my friend's lg smart tv that hasn't got webOs, has got the old Lg smart tv OS, cinema 3d , and i watched the complete video without any error, and did lot of other stuff and didn't got the out of memory error. I bought this LG thinking that it's a new model so it will not have problems, if i can watch in the old TV, why not in the new TV. Please help me, i am very worried because i will have to change the TV because of the same error that i got in my Sony Smart TV that i returned to the store. HEEEEELP Please.
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    I started to get this too recently. While watching longer YouTube videos, it tends to close and restart the app with a "recovering memory" message. At least it resumes the video from where it left off (if you can find the same video again).

    Shrug. I guess they'll fix it with an update eventually. (Whoever "they" are. Google or LG, I don't know.)

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