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    I recently found my old touchpad, and I connected to a charger and the light in the home button is flashing, but the tablet itself doesn't turn on, I haven't used, or charged the tablet in about 28 months.
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    All you need is patience. It it's flashing, that means it's too low to power on, but it will take a charge and power up eventually. It usually takes a couple hours at least, but can be longer depending on the charge level.
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    I was in the same boat a couple months ago. I had the best luck using the actual HP charger connected directly to the wall. A power strip, or third party adapter didn't seem to work, but after 2 full days direct with the OEM adapter my TouchPad finally started up. (After about 36 hours, the screen lit up with the "plug me in graphic" -- it was another 12 or more before it actually turned on!)
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    Another thing that helps sometimes is charging it on a touchstone, if you have one.

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