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    Can someone tell me what are the performance of a device that uses Wi-Fi 802.11ac, in this case we have as an example the TV from Lg 2017 the series 49SJ810V.
    I ask because i use the following router from Linksys WRT1900ACS v2 OpenWrt/LEDE Kernel Version 4.14.53, with 1Gbps internet connection.
    This tv is connected on the 5Ghz wifi side, at a distance of 6 meters that is positioned in the same room with the router.In the speed test it fails to reach a speed of more than 120 mbps!
    It can be a problem of incompatibility ?

    Does anyone know what hardware specifications this TV has, what processor,RAM capacity, how much storage space does it have?
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    120mbps is probably pushing the limits of the hardware. I wouldn't have expected that high myself.
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    Problems with turning on HDR and WCG in Windows 10, the image is constantly changing and at some point it gets stuck without having access to the content on the display. This problem intensifies when i try to watch a movie on Netflix, or play a game on PC!
    I use Windows 10 Pro with all the updates up to date,MSI Gtx 1070 video card drivers up to date on all components including BIOS motherboard update,Tv Lg 49SJ810V, and he has have the updated the firmware....
    microsoft 3.PNG
    pc configuration.PNG
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    It seems the problem persists, now i use openwrt Kernel Version 4.14.54, my TV continues to lose wifi speed, on the 5Ghz side when i watching a 4k movie on Netflix....
    I'll leave you a link with the command line logs to check the information by there.
    I want to find out where the problem is, to report the issue further, i suspect the tv-cpu to be the bottleneck...
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    Attention, many routers with open source software are not compatible with this Tv that it uses this wifi card, i have reported this problem to OpenWrt programmers to solve this problem.
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