Hello fellow LG TV users!
I am on a 55B7V, and am only using it as a screen for digital content. Mainly web, some Netflix, etc.

What i would like to do:
- Have an easy way to start a photo slideshow.

I have quite a few photos stored on my NAS.
From time to time i would just like to start a slideshow of these on the TV.
Now i know a few ways already:
- There is the default photo viewer, that allows me to access the shared folders of my NAS. Issue here: It is super inconvenient to every time select each and every photo for the slideshow to start. Not to speak of limited options for the slideshow.
- I am already using Plex, and could probably configure it to provide my Photos as content as well. Hopefully there is a nice slideshow feature for Plex; still need to research. Issue here: Would rather not use Plex for this, but instead a standalone Photo feature.
- I could screen-share from another device. Issue: Complicated to set up every time, requires separate device.

Is there a trick to have easy slideshows in the default system, eg. just have them start by folder (so i only need to select a single folder instead of every photo inside it)?
Maybe there is an app that provides a nice and easy photo slideshow that i havent seen yet?

Thank you for your advice!