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    So, about this issue:

    It is a thing. And we nailed it down to the problem being the keep-alive of the apps even when TV goes to standby mode on the latest updates.

    Every time before watching TV I have to disconnect and reconnect it from power supply and its a bit annoying.

    Any updates on fixing this issue? Is there a calendar for WebOS updates?

    I know this keep-alive feature must have been really hard to implement, I know it is almost seamless to user experience to turn off the tv and turn it back on and it is on the very same spot on a youtube video for example. But I think if it is not entirely working, we should at least have an option to force a restart of all services upon turning the tv On on the remote controller.

    Thanks a lot.
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    found on another forum, probably will help you
    I have a problem, where after 3-4 weeks of streaming videos (all sorts), they would load up slower and slower on my OLED65E7P. This doesn't matter if I tried to run 4K Smartshare stream, low-res YouTube video or even use the built-in TV browser to surf the internet. The loading times got worse and worse. My router is the top-line Linksys EA9500, and I've had it for 18 months with no problems. It's located 10 feet from the TV. So, I fully re-initialized the TV (had to to do all of the setups again from scratch) about 5 weeks ago, and all the problems went away immediately. During the last week, it started to hiccup the same way again. So, since I now have a second LG TV (65SJ8500), I saw that there are no problems there, and my phones are streaming just fine over WiFi. So I knew for sure, its not the router or the internet signal.

    I just called LG and explained the situation. They told me: pull the TV power chord out of the power outlet. Then point the remote control to it (while unplugged) and hold down the Power Button on the remote control for 10 seconds. Then plug the TV back into power outlet. And guess what, it works again with no problems!

    This LG trick basically resets your TV and any cache it has. You don't loose any settings for anything.

    I am running the latest firmware for both TV's and my router. LG said they are NOT aware of this problem but took down all information from me to investigate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gerikss View Post
    found on another forum, probably will help you
    -- after some trying. it seems that didnt fully solve the issue, unless I do that from time to time. Taking the cable seems to be easier for now...
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