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    These guys from techwibe are saying that they have already updated an LG LH 604 T Smart TV Full HD Version from LG WebOS 4.0 to LG WebOS 5.30.01 and using his TV found the following:

    Note : You can’t directly go from WebOS 3.5 to WebOS 5.3 .

    My experience after using LG LH 604 T Full HD Version review after using it for 4 months.
    What did we checked before switching or buying this Television ?


    The picture quality, price, Miracast to mirror my laptop screen and ability to stream 1080p videos without any problem.
    Is there a non FHD version ?

    Yes and the price is lower and all the specs same as that of FHD version.
    Every thing in short after my 4 months of experience.

    Super sharp display (FHD, IPS Panel) and viewing angles
    Cheaper than other bands
    Dust won’t settle on your screen, but on other parts dust may settle if you are living a dusty region
    WebOS frequently updated with patches
    Eye comfort mode
    Good sound quality
    Supports almost all video and audio formats like MKV, AVI, DiviX, AAC etc
    Inbuilt apps for Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and some country specific apps
    Support for Miracast or screen sharing or Inter WiDi. Note WiDi is used only in old laptops models
    Screen can be turned off, when playing only music.
    Remote with pointer mouse, so you can type songs or movie names quickly in YouTube, Netflix etc on the on screen keyboard. Also when you connect or mirror your laptop screen to this TV, remote pointer can be used as mouse and there is scroller on the remote. But only double click supported, no right nor left clicks
    Subtitles in the video is supported
    2 Years LG warranty (Note this is country specific, so do ask your seller about this)
    Very less power consumption, screen consumes 4% of power, speakers consumes (20 Watt) 3% of total power input

    TV lags
    Sound mode can’t be changed quickly like picture mode
    No support for wireless headphones
    Web browser closes after we viewed around 15 1080p YouTube videos, it says out of memory and during restart of the browser the crashed web page is shown for us to continue playing videos
    In built YouTube app settings has no option to set resolution of video to play only 1080p videos
    Universal remote costs around $75 if you need to buy a new one, note : till now there are no probs with my universal which I clubbed with my set top box (CISCO one) and all functions are supported
    During Miracast laptop mouse lags and still now I don’t know how to solve this issue.
    Documents like docx,PDF can’t be opened from flash drive or hard drive, but from Miracast its possible.
    Does it support USB mode of android mobiles ?

    My Sony Xperia USB mode supported but my lenovo USB mode not supported and this is weird!
    Final Thought

    For this price and with this much features loaded, we say its a good go one.

    If you need any info or clarify any doubts about this model, just drop a comment and I will answer that for you in a working day.
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    I think that may be firmware version. There is another topic on lgwebos where someone has 5.5 and it opens flash video. Not sure if this is accurate though. user to user support.
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    Yeah, I think that's not the webos version. I seem to remember the software version in the about screen didn't match the webOS version number.
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    I have the same software version... 5.30.01

    m500>T3>T|X>Treo 755p>Pre>Pixi>Pre 3>Galaxy S4 Mini>Galaxy Alpha>Galaxy S8
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    PalmOS-------------------webOS-------------------Android (just waiting for webOS to rise again!)
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    Yep you guys are right Here is LG answer to our questions via Twitter PM by LG US:

    and this is the link LG is mentioning on that answer: LG WEBOS 3.5 SMART TV PLATFORM EARNS COMMON CRITERIA CERTIFICATION FOR SECURITY EXCELLENCE | LG Newsroom
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    That is the firmware for the tv not the webOS version they currently only webOS 4.0 for post 2018 models 3.5 for pre 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by rixtc72 View Post
    That is the firmware for the tv not the webOS version they currently only webOS 4.0 for post 2018 models 3.5 for pre 2018
    How correct you are!!!
    That screen shot was for the "TV" firmware version, which is different form the Web OS version.
    My Web OS version is 4.0.0-16022 for my 2018 UK6500AUA.

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