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    I have a dual wifi system with one 2.4 GHz frequency and another 5 Ghz. I get close to 30 Mbps on my LG TV on either. But once I switch off the TV and turn it on after 12 hours or so the internet slows down to 0.3 Mbps. The only that works is to reconnect to another network and the speed returns back only to have the same process repeat. Any way to fix this problem?
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    Good day, sorry to hear about your difficulties with your TV,

    another thing I can sugest is having a direct connection to the TV, or if you want more troubleshooting steps, check the following LG article.

    LG Help Library: Troubleshooting Your Wireless Network - TV | LG U.S.A
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    I*m having exact the same issue! did you find another solution? SImply after some time the internet goes slower and slower, and my Asus Zenfone 2 still strong every day, SO i know my internet and router are ok.

    I'm thinlking this issue came with the latest update, I will try a factory reset and see if that solves
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    Having the same issue, wifi get slower after a few days when you turn it of with the remote control.
    Need to do a real restart the tv. ( button at the tv or pull the power of) Doesn't help just to reconnect to the network.
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    So resetting the tv on the menu didnt help. I think I would need a firmware downgrade. (I dont know why I cant software downgrade on the tv itself..., such a basic feature, to reset everything like I bought it today)

    I think I know the issue -- on previous versions, all smart services would restart upon turning the tv on, thats why it gave the message "starting smart services". and now it does not -- it tried to keep the services alive but internet speed is being slow as a bug.

    pulling the power of is the fastest way to solve the issue. now every time before watching tv I unplug and plug it again. argh I wish I had simply an option to check for the tv to know if it should restart services every time the tv is turned on.
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    So.. now that we nailed the issue down, how about an update fixing the issue? or at least reverting the keep-alive feature?
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    Have you tried turning off "quick start" in the general settings? I believe this restarts the services once the TV is powered on from the remote.
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    Network was running ok for all other devices.

    Netflix bandwidth test showed 0.4 Mpbs. Meanwhile, I tested the network throughput from another device, and saw 5 Mbps.

    Reloading Netflix did not fix it.

    Turning TV off and on with remote did not fix it.

    But unplugging the TV and restarting it saw the Netflix throughput jump to 6Mpbs.

    Now, the degradation could be theoretically that the wifi router is the problem - and a hard-reset of the TV, causes some reset of some bad state in the router. Or it could be that the TV was in a bad state.

    However, I thought to document here so as to provide another supporting data point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonpz View Post
    But unplugging the TV and restarting it saw the Netflix throughput jump to 6Mpbs
    Did you disable "quick start" in the general settings? I think with it disabled, it's similar to pulling the plug.
    Then when you turn it off with the remote, it's really off (or close to it). My theory is that will restart the services, and restore performance
    just as if you'd physically unplugged it

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