Hello LG WebOS TV users!

I bought a WebOS TV yesterday and so far I'm very happy with it. Just one thing is bugging me. I have a network drive on which I have stored various movies. This drive used to be connected to a WD TV but now it's just plugged right into the network.

The TV had no problem finding the drive and I can navigate through its various folders without a problem. It also sees all the Movies on there, and lists them to me in a "Thumbnail View".

Sadly, the quality of the Thumbnails is very poor. They look horribly pixelated.

If I can't get it to display better thumbnails, is there a way to show something other than the "Thumbnail View"?

I also still have the WD TV box. When I use the WD TV to navigate to the SAME folder on the SAME network drive, *its* thumbnails are just fine.