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    LG is expected to upgrade its WebOS for Smart TVs from version 3.5 to 4.0 in 2018. The new version will focused on "connectivity" that will form Smart Home enviroment, IoT (Internet of Things) and will arrive with AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant and voice recognition for voice commands.

    WebOS 4.0 will strengthen connection and compatibility between devices and apply AI technologies.

    LG Electronics also worked with Google, Amazon, and Naver and introduced speakers that are applied with various AI platforms.

    “WebOS 4.0 will be mostly applied to Smart TVs are also being applied to other home appliances such as digital signage, beam projector, refrigerator, and washing machine.” said a representative for an industry, and will escalate to other Smart home appliances.”

    LG usually announced the WebOS updates at CES events , I hope LG will unveil the upgrade to WebOS 4.0 at CES 2018, as well. (TBC) Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics to Introduce Their Next-Generation TVs at CES 2018 대한민국 IT포털의 중심! 이티뉴스

    etnews 대한민국 IT포털의 중심! 이티뉴스
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    Good to see LG actively improving webOS TVs.
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    Samsung is making the same with Tizen to 4.0 for Smart Tvs as well, so LG has to compete in the same terms otherwise will be left behind.
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    Does anyone with a 2017 LG Smart TV recieved the WebOS 4.0 update already?
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    I haven’t seen it either. However, my iPhone has received 2 updates from the lg app LGTVPlus, for the WEBOS 4.0, so I guess it must be in the pipeline?
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    That's great news! The current smart TVs with Web os 3.5 can be updated to 4.0 ?
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    Cool! I wonder if the 2017 TVs will receive this update.
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    Any news on the WebOS 3.5 to 4.0 update?

    Is there a workaround to connect to Alexa?
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    I'd sure like an update for the first one I bought. There's a YouTube TV app for my other two, but not that one. Right now I'm using it as a PC display, and just watching YouTube TV in Chrome. It works fine, so it hasn't been a huge inconvenience.
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    So i contacted LG and they told me no firmware upgrade is made only software version so
    We are stuck on 3.5 WebOs i advice to contact lg because i see no sense on no update our WebOs to 4.0 - LG 49UJ620V
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    Quote Originally Posted by samuraikid View Post
    So i contacted LG and they told me no firmware upgrade is made only software version so
    We are stuck on 3.5 WebOs i advice to contact lg because i see no sense on no update our WebOs to 4.0 - LG 49UJ620V
    I have reached out as well. Very disappointed that a TV that is barely a year old can't have it's firmware updated. All this new functionality seems software based, not hardware related. Is anyone here hip to whether there is actually a physical reason my OLD65b7a can't be upgraded? If not, this is planned obsolescence at it's worst. Hell, even if there is a physical reason, still some pretty bad planning as far as customer satisfaction.
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    Come on guys, you are stuck with your OS... LG isn't Apple they want us to change the TV's as fast as possible.
    I use WEB OS 3.0 and trust me, there isn't something that can make regret WebOS 3.5 or 4.0. It's just the need for the new thing, but in reality, there aren't many great stuff there... What, AI?! C'mon, give me a break... those are silly stuff that nobody use it. I can't speak for the future, but for now we are good!
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    blocked with WebOS 3.5 on my OLED55B7V....... **** LG

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