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    Hey all,

    I'm new to WebOS, but I was thinking of grabbing a WebOS TV since I generally like what I've seen of the UI. I was looking at the LG 43LJ550M "WebOS 3.5" TV -- but after trying the demo model in the store, two things seemed off:

    1. Almost nothing at all was animated. In most demos of WebOS I've seen, the UI seems very fluid, whereas on this store version the UI felt very static. (For example, the diagonal app tiles on the bottom of the screen didn't do that "bounce" thing into their active states, they just jumped up by a few pixels.)
    2. The fonts looked bad. They definitely weren't antialiased, and looked more like "2009-era TV UI" than modern.

    Is this some alternate version of WebOS that lower-end TVs run? Does anyone here have a TV like this?
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    There very could well be a 'lower' version of the UI for lower priced TV's considering they are probably using a lower level chip set and less memory on-board.
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    Yeah; after some more research, it seems that whatever the lower end TVs run, it's not "WebOS"

    On LG's corporate site, they show the operating system for their lower end smart TVs as "LG Smart TV", with no mention of WebOS. This seems to be a deliberate distinction, as their higher-end (mostly 4K) TVs on the same site show "webOS Smart TV" as the operating system.

    As far as I can tell, the primary feature distinction is that non-webOS LG smart TVs don't have a "magic remote" and don't have a web browser. I can't find a whole lot of information beyond that, though, so if anyone has any experience with the "LG Smart TV" operating system I'd be curious about your thoughts on it. (I'm assuming it's terrible, hah.)
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