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    I'm new to Web OS, in fact I still don't have it as I only just, yesterday, bought an LG OLED. It will be delivered next Saturday and of course I'm excited to set it up and try it out. In preparation for the big day I thought I'd find out as much as I could about the TV and Web OS 3.5. I did watch some videos on Youtube but none really helped with my specific questions, so I thought I'd ask here.

    1) We have Verizon FIOS as a cable provider and whilst its good the cable TV service OS has the worst UI known to man. Its so bad that using it makes me want to vomit! Given that, is there a way to setup Web OS so it "hides" the cable OS? The videos I have seen suggest this might be possible.

    2) The Web OS UI looks wonderful. It looks logical with regard to organization, fluid and easy to use. I intend to use a lot of its apps, Netflix, Amazon Video, etc, so is it possible to turn on the TV, without cable, and get just the Web OS interface?

    I'm not sure I have put those questions in the best way possible but hopefully someone understands me.

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    Hello Keith,
    I'm on FiOS too, but I haven't used their set-top boxes much since pretty much day one. I use either a TiVo with a CableCard or a different device that lets me stream my cable to other devices, but I'll try to take a crack at your questions.

    The LG webOS TV interface (at least on my 2014-ish TV) allows you to set up your inputs and tell the TV who your cable provider is. Part of that will set up that input in "Device Connector" to allow the TV to control your set-top box. It will also allow the TV to fetch program guide data from a third-party source and let you navigate what's on TV from the TV, but with the TV squirting channel change commands to the set-top box.

    While this won't make the STB UI invisible, it should allow you to navigate things without having to directly worry too much about the STB. The webOS UX has some issues of its own (like video ads), but I agree that for a lot of users it will be a more pleasant experience than the FiOS UX.

    As for booting up the TV and using network-connected content, my reading of the developer docs is that there's no easy way to force the TV directly into an application at boot time. However, you have control over the ordering of items in the menu list of apps at the bottom of the screen. Some people move their favorite apps to appear first in that list. Your first 4 or 5 items should always be visible at the bottom when you hit the "Home" button.
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