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    Hi, I recently bought the 4K TV LG UJ6300, 49 inch. The only problem that I noticed was that playing on my PS4, when some dark scenes play, the screens adjusts its brightness, making it really annoying to play games with fast and changing scenes. I turned off dinamyc contrast and color. I read on some forums that the problem is called "global dimming" and that you can turn it off by accessing a secret menu.
    How can I access it in Web Os 3.5 ? Or, is there another way to solve this issue ? Thank you
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    This is a known quirk with LG sets and has been discussed on many forums. Here's one who seems to have found a solution by changing the input name used for the game console:

    Anybody know how to turn off LG's Global Dimming? - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

    See this one also (in the same thread):

    Let us know if this works for you also!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    This is a known quirk with LG sets and has been discussed on many forums. Here's one who seems to have found a solution by changing the input name used for the game console:

    Anybody know how to turn off LG's Global Dimming? - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

    See this one also (in the same thread):
    Anybody know how to turn off LG's Global Dimming? - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

    Let us know if this works for you also!
    The first solution almost makes dimming unnoticiable, thank you so much !!!
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    It's a strange work-around and sucks that LG makes it this difficult to turn off that function (no idea what 'genius' decided to make it a mandatory/unchangeable setting). Thanks for posting and letting us know it worked!
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    FFS, global dimming is back, so I must ask again, is there a way to access the service menu in Web Os 3.5 ?
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    Well that sucks. The only way that I know of to access the service menu is by using a Universal remote that has an EPG button that allows the TV to display a login box to enter a code. I'm not going to dig into that here because you can seriously $@#% - up a TV in that mode. If you want to dig into it, I'd suggest this Italian forum (use Chrome to translate automatically) - they get into that menu for channel settings. **Note: that link is 3 years old.

    Not sure if what you are looking for is in that, but good luck.
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    I managed to access the service menu with an Android phone that had an IR blaster, and using the app AnyMote.
    I turned the dimming and the global dimming adjustments to "off" and dimming stills occurs. It really sucks but I guess there is nothing else to do.
    Thank you for your help
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    I bought this LG 4K 43inch TV couple of years ago...
    I'm using it with PC, my GPU is gtx 1070....

    The only solution that worked for me after tinkering the ****** global dimming for years lol

    TURN OFF ULTRA DEEP settings from LG menu... You'll still be able to use it at 4K resolution, but stupid flickering brightness issue will be gone.
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    You can't. And you don't want to...

    After weeks of searching for a solution, I hired a repair tech that deals with LG. Here is what he said:

    The OLED technology is currently not compatible with an image that doesn't change rapidly.

    This is documented on some sites that do reviews, but somehow I missed it until now. If you keep a stationary image up for more that 8 minutes, it will literally start to damage the display. Some of it is reversible with a pixel clearing routine, but if you do it enough it will quickly damage the screen.

    This means that OLED technology is currently at risk on any image that is static, which includes most things you would use a monitor for. Even fast moving games have launch screens that can damage the set. I use mine for programming, web, gaming, etc, and this has been an ongoing problem. The tech said that the auto dimming is a defense mechanism and it would be unwise to disable it, which could only be done by a guy with the tech utilities that can get into the deep settings not available to users. And the tech said it would be a costly mistake.

    So that is the bottom line. Try LCD tech, HDR is great.
    <link removed by mod>

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    There is a way of blackout of dimming for all TV with webos. This solution from Russian web-os forums. Big thanks to "Vodka and Bears".

    Warning!!! All changes made in the service menu are made at own risk and can bring your TV to a disabled state!!!
    Before modifications it is recommended to write down or make photo of screen with values which you are going to change, for the subsequent corrections of the mistakes.
    Incorrect values in the service menu can't be corrected over upgrading firmware. Be very careful and attentive!

    One of the next ways can be used for call the service menu:
    • Use the special service remote (not all have it)
    • Use the universal remote "One for all" (USB Changer, URC7120, URC-7556, OneForAll Kameleon, Philips SRU7140, Tiantianyong TV-139F)
    • Use smartphone with IR support
      Apps for Android:
      Galaxy S4 Universal Remote; LG Service Menu Explorer; Smart IR Remote (AnyMote Universal Remote); Galaxy IR; MyRemocon (IR Remote Control); AnyMote Universal Remote
      Apps for Nokia Symbian:
      Psiloc IrRemote; NoviiRemote
    • Use your smartphone or MP3 player with "Tessi" IR light. Or create the same with jack 3.5 and IR light from any remote control.
      Use sound files from archive. Bring the diode to TV and gradually increase a sound until you see the box for input of the password.

    Names of files in archive correspond to the real names of service menus.
    "IN START" (IN_START.Wav) - Main service menu with lots of low-level and other parameters.
    "EZ ADJUST" (EZ_ADJ.Wav) - Second service menu with other low-level and vendor parameters.
    "IN STOP" (IN_STOP_.wav) - Be careful, works without password. This option immediately resets all kept TV settings and deletes all installed applications.
    "POWER ONLY" (POWER_ONLY_.wav) - Without comments.

    At request of the password it is necessary to enter 0413.
    Use arrow buttons up/down for movement according to the service menu. Change of parameters of active point by right/left buttons (carefully, some changes comes into force immediately, some needs to restart TV). A key back for an exit from a submenu, the Settings key closes the service menu.
    There are two main sections of the service menu - EZ ADJUST and IN START.
    On the example of the LG LB650. For webos TV you can find dimming option only in "IN START" menu. For non-webos TV use "EZ ADJUST" menu.
    smenu1.jpg smenu2.jpg

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    I bought recently a LG 43UJ6300 TV, bad idea. Image looks terrible, backlight is so far from Samsung standard, colors looks weird. I play with all possible settings. Finally, I read in multiple forums about how to enter service menu.

    For those who don’t have neither knowledge nor time to make a homemade remote, there is an alternative solution: buy a LG service remote in ebay or amazon, also known as “Remocon”. Is not that expensive: about ten dolar.

    After this you can enter the service menu by pressing the IN START button, then menu System1, then disable dimming.

    What was the result: well not bat, but it was not what I was expecting.

    I thought changing this parameter would improve backlight a lot, that did’t happen. What actually happened was the colors getting better. Dimming, for some reason, causes some color looks strange and some other look darker. For example The Simpsons looked kind of ‘green’, after dimming if off color looks right. Same thing happened with Sonic 4 Game.

    Short story, it looks better but still far from typicall Samsung quality. Don’t but LG, bad decision.
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    By the way, I just noticed that even if I change the dimming parameter to OFF, after a few days it resets automatically to ON. Anybody knows how to set it ON permanently?

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