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    I got an amazing deal on the uh6150 and am very pleased with it. I have a bunch of 3D bd's and still have my old Vizio TV to play them on so this isn't a deal breaker but I just want to know if this is possible or at least be corrected on why it isn't.

    Th 6150 doesn't have a 3D option but it's my understanding 4K lg's that do are just utilizing the extra pixels to create a passive 3d 1080p image. From my amateur perspective that just seems like software telling the display what to do with all of those pixels.

    So is there a way to jailbreak my 6150 to turn on this feature/flash it with different firmware or is there a converter box made specifically for 4k tv's that you pass a 3d blue ray player through?

    Is either option POSSIBLE but non existent or is it simply impossible?

    Just really curious about this.
    Thanks in advance!
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    I don't know the answer, but I think you are asking about an active display. An active display needs LCD shutter glasses that synchronise with flickering images on the screen. The advantage is full res (if we're talking HD res), but you need a TV that has a fast refresh rate. The glasses are expensive and need batteries or other power. I've heard they can also tire the viewer's eyes faster than passive.

    Passive uses polarisation on the screen and the glasses (The glasses are cheap). So if it's not a 3D TV, it won't work (because the filter isn't built into the screen). It's interlaced, so on an HD TV you get a bit of resolution loss. However, if you're viewing HD material on a 4K set, then I guess you don't lose the res, but it's not in 4K. I'm not up to speed on the status of 4K 3D. If it's possible, it will need to be streamed from Netflix or something.

    Anyway, if you are asking for an active display, then I'd guess it's possible with a fast enough refresh rate and active glasses, but I've no idea if such a system exists - especially as an after market solution. I'm not aware of a whole lot of jail-breaking going on.

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