I am thinking of purchasing the LG 49UH610V to replace my venerable Samsung 32 720p LCD. In addition to a bigger TV with better picture quality, I am also looking to retire plethora of streaming/third party devices that I currently have and wanted to understand if the LG with WebOS will fulfil requirements:

1. Freesat - I understand the TV supports Freesat HD which will enable me to retire my freesat box?
2. Network streaming - I currently have both Apple TV and WD TV Live to stream movies from my network which are a combination of MKV, MP4 off a network share hard drive I have set up at home. Will WebOS allow me to stream these files?
3. Netflix, Amazon Prime 4K - I understand that this will enable streaming

The only integration that I will miss then is Airplay mirroring that I do over my Apple TV from my Macbook, however if I have the apps and above streaming services I think the requirement for this will go away.