I have tried formating the drive and putting it at fat32 and I can load smaller videos.
I'm using win10 so the default is exFat so I'm not sure if the reason it will not read ntfs.
The same drive read fat32 and played videos fine, i'm trying to load some 4k movies on the drive.
I was guessing it was because the default format wasn't ntfs maybe that's why it's not reading
from what I understand the uf6430 model is supposed to read ntfs.
The files are big so they will not fit on a fat32 so I've come to see if anyone has any solution to this problem..
It's not the tv's usb because I could get it to read fat32 on the drive, I then formatted it to ntfs and loaded two of the 4k movies on it.
Unlike the fat32 format it didn't pull up on the tv saying usb drive inserted right away and I can't find it at smart share it won't pull up.
I'm stumped. please help..
sorry for terrible grammar/formatting