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    Dear all,

    Yesterday I purchased my first smart tv, a new LG 43UJ701V with WebOs 3.5 .
    I made the firmware update so it has the latest version.
    But in the LG world , the Spotify app is not shown.
    I live in Greece and I have chosen this in region settings.
    I tried different countries in settings, such as U.K., Germany and the "Other" option, with no luck.
    The Spotify isn't somewhere.
    I have a premium account on Spotify, so I really need this in my new tv.

    I have no previous experience with smart tv, but I thought that it would be a straight forward process to install this.

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Had the same issue.
    Spotify is not available since Webos 3.5 It might come back at the end of this year, they say. But to my experience, it is: When gone, probably not going to return.
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