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    Attempting to update my 43UH603V via USB device but stuck at the first hurdle.

    I downloaded the 04.31.00 software from the official support page here: Support Search Results | LG U.K.

    The next step is to unzip the file, however I get an error 'no archive'. Can someone else download and unzip to see if it's not just me?

    Any other advice appreciated, cheers.
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    You should better check yout network ato get a complete zip file download.

    Then check you copy :
    file (846*145*560 bytes) inside a LG_DTV directory on your key (not exFat, lg does not recognize, simply fat32).

    At the end, you will see the new HDR "game" option when source is hdmi ( this choice does'nt come with usb video player).

    Good luck

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