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    newbie here..which do you prefer LG smart tv? or android box? love the lg tv with its picture quality anf streaming movies for free and netflix..i think thats what i only use it for..reading about android box it can do more than the LG like adding kodi and streaming live channels..need your input..cause thinking of buying android box to replace cable but still have faith that LG gonna be better than android box..any thoughts?
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    IMO.. the android box is horrible. If you want a great TV and want apps, the absolutely BEST recommendation I can personally make is to get an LG TV (I do really enjoy their picture quality even before they added webOS)... and add a Roku instead of an Android box. Roku blows it way in my experience. I own pretty much every streaming box out there and its my Roku 4 that I constantly go back to for all content. Even though my LG TV has the apps I use most frequently, I still prefer to simply use the TV as a display and pull content from my Roku versus my Apple TV, Andoid box, Firestick, or anything else. I like the Netflix and Amazon apps on the LG, but having all apps in one location is easiest for me. Having said that - I personally dislike the Android hardware and apps. It lets you change it's menu to make it 'pretty' when you get tired of it looking one way, but who cares?. Way too many other better options out there than that one.
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    thank you for your my lg tv but do you have suggestion how to watch live channels wit lg tv without using like roku? is there an app for it thats in the lg apps store? wish that amazon has one time subscription fee like netflix and you can have access to all the movies, tv shows and series like netflix has
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    Install Plex Server on your PC and the Plex app on your TV. Add "bundles" to your Plex Server to get more channels. I'm just getting started myself. Go to for the server software. Then search Google for "plex unsupported app store" and you should be able to find your way.

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