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    I only see the UH7700 and UH7500 listed, not the 7650. anyone know if it works?
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    welp HDR on amazon prime video looks amazing. But Dolby Vision is very cloudy and jittery. Looks absolutely terrible compared to hdr10 on this tv. In fact I coudln't even find an amazon dolby vision title besides Bosch season 2. Everything else, all their other series are in HDR10, which is blowing away the dolby vision quality. Which is ironic cause I thought it was the other way around.

    Netflix is automatically remastering everything in dolby vision. But on top of the problem of not having any real contrast and being jittery, blurry, and cloudy. and true motion does not work as well with it. Netflix shows always look grainy cause they seem to be cutting back on qualities for their bandwidth, so on netflix its double bad.

    My verizon fios in HD looks absolutely amazing with this tv. The colors on this tv are exceptional. The true motion does wonders to make pictures clearer and smooth with the cable channels and amazon hdr. No issue with sports and the native 60hz refresh rate. The only issue is the Dolby Vision is totally borked on both Amazon and Netflix. Its as if there is no real contrast for the lighting, and the image becomes fuzzy looking probably because it comes out artificially too bright. Settings don't seem to help much, and on top of that the judders are terrible with dolby vision.

    I've been in contact with LG and Netflix. Now that I know its a dolby vision problem specifically, since netflix ultra hd don't have the cloudy contrast problem only dolby vision. And since its also a problem on Amazon.

    Samsung, Sony, and Amazon now seem to be giving the finger to Dolby Vision. Amazon's latest series Sneaky Pete is in HDR only, and looks exceptional. And i'm glad they gave up on dolby vision it seems. Amazon ultra HD qualities also blow away netflix. Netflix ultra hd looks like garbage compared to amazons.

    I had to post somewhere about this. I don't find info anywhere about these things except the theoretically on paper.


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