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    I recently sold my fairly low end sony full hd tv which I only bought two months ago. I was underwhelmed with the lack of apps for it and heard lg webos was like the best non android smart tv platform.

    I bought a LG 43UH650V 43 Inch Ultra HD tv in argos and I love the picture and sound is pretty good too, but the apps available for webos in Ireland are the worst Ive seen. I have a samsung and it pretty much has everything.

    The lg apps for the UK are pretty good, all4, itv, bbc etc..

    In Ireland we just get rte player, no 3player, which is getting a lot of content now

    Im pretty sure I read somewhere about a new saorview service like freeview play which is coming, but I cant find where I read it.

    Anyone know about future apps coming to webos in Ireland and possibly the availability of 3player ?
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    I can't say anything about Ireland so I'm unable to answer your question. I will chime in though about the WebOS apps on LG. I'm in the USA and have roughly 60 apps on the TV. However, most of them are really stupid and something I would never use. I'm not an app guy (as you can tell being a WebOS fan) but the one app I was wanting isn't offered by LG in the USA and thats the HBOGo app. It really disappoints me. I have posted on LG's community forum about the issue but I'm sure my post won't mean anything to LG. Oh well. This is what I get for being a WebOS fan. lol

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