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    So I have just bought this TV: LG 49LH590V Smart 49" LED TV and am trying to get it connected up to my WD My Cloud that has been working fine with my old samsung now for a few years, however I seem to be missing something important on my TV...

    The SmartShare app?

    From all I have been reading, this is the missing link to discovering my cloud device which is on the same network, but I cannot see this "SmartShare" app anywhere on the TV... I can find it to download onto my Laptop or PC but not the applicable one on the TV... its not appearing on the launch bar when you click the button on the remote that brings up a load of apps, photos, videos etc but of course none of my videos or pictures appear on this as im guessing it does not know the cloud exists yet...

    I am sure I am doing something wrong or missing something stupid, but I cannot see it!

    We have had the TV now for just under a week and it has the latest firmware updates applied.

    Please help!
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    I have that app on my tv. I do not know if there is any way to back it up so I can share it.

    enviado desde moto z play.
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    It should be pre-installed! Can you look for it in the Help-pages?
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    I have the same problem with my recently bought LG 55B6V. The app Smart Share is not preinstalled.
    Were you able to solve that problem?

    Thank you
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    Hi there! Signed up as I was having the same issue and just figured it out.
    The Smartshare app is no more!
    But don't worry, the functionality has been integrated in the Photos & Video App. Just launch it and go from there.

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