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    I seem to be experiencing some strange sound artifacts with my 49UH770 with streamed content via the webOS apps such as BBC iPlayer and Google Play Movies.

    After about 30-40mins of watching a show the sound volume appears to judder - it goes high/medium/low in a staggered way. The video has no issues even at 4K HDR levels.

    This is via the built in speakers as well as if I connect to an amp.

    I have very high download speeds as demonstrated by 4K loading instantly at full resolution.

    Temporarily I've connected a Chromecast Ultra which exhibits no issues.
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    I am seeing the exact same issue on a LG Electronics 43UH6030 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model). I have no issues using the Netflix app, but the Google Play app has the problem. I have no issues with any inputs be it Chromecast, PS4, PSTV, Roku. I only have the built in speakers so I cannot confirm the issue is present with external speakers.

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