Finally a new WebOS update

Magic Remote utilizes a number button as a shortcut, ease of use and enhanced "My Button"
■ "Magic Link" to easily search the YouTube video, TV channel, character information related to the viewing program to a dedicated button ■ expanding only the desired part up to watch and record possible "Magic zoom '

■ which 360 can enjoy the content in big screen" 360 PLAY'

LG Electronics plans to unveil 'WebOS 3.5', which has evolved more recently, at CES 2017, which will be held in Las Vegas, USA next month, and to be launched on smart TVs launched next year.
LG Electronics has installed a lot of "fun features" that allow users to enjoy smart TV on Web OS 3.5.

LG Electronics added the 'My Buttons' function, which allows users to use the number buttons on the Magic Remote as if they were phone speed dials, thereby maximizing ease of use. If you press and hold the number button, you can connect directly to the specified app or channel without opening the home screen. Up to 9 hot keys can be assigned from 1 to 9.

LG Electronics added a new 'Magic Link' function to WebOS 3.5 to reduce the inconvenience of the existing search method of entering keywords. In WebOS 3.5, you can find the contents related to the program you are watching with a single click with the Magic Link dedicated button on the magic remote control.

For example, when a user watches a TV and presses a button dedicated to a magic link, a variety of contents such as a YouTube image, a TV channel, and character information related to an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) information of the program can be found.

LG Electronics added a recording function to the Magic Zoom function, which allows you to enlarge a certain part of the broadcast screen. 'Magic Zoom Recording' is a function that allows users to enlarge and record only the desired part of the images stored in USB or external hard disk. For example, in an image in which an idol group is displayed, only a member who likes the user can enlarge and record.

LG Electronics added '360-degree PLAY' function, which allows users to view the contents of the WebOS 3.5 with a 360-degree camera on a TV screen. If you connect your TV to a TV with a 360 degree camera on a USB or external hard drive, you can enjoy 360 degree content on a big screen. You can move the screen by dragging it with the Magic remote control, and zoom out by using the wheel key.
"We will continue to lead the global smart TV market with WebOS 3.5, which is LG's unique and exciting addition to easy and fast web OS convenience," said Kevin Bongseok, vice president of HE business at LG Electronics.

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