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    I had in mind to set up two different sources (2 PS4) and use Dual Play to do some multiplayer for games that don't support Split Screen.
    The problem is... Dual Play seems disabled, at least on the E6 LG.

    So here's my question, is there any app that can reproduce this feature but without actually turning Dual Play off? It seems to me that the issue is is software, so it should be fixable...
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    I’ve been hoping to do this with a multiview hdmi box but output is limited at the moment to 1080p so when dual play blows the split screen pip from the box the resolution is halved.

    Seems having the TV do this is the best way to go!

    Is it possible?
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    I'm not aware of this feature. What models is it available on, and how do you access it?

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    Funny. I was tempted to suggest that a modified 3D setup could be used (on a 3D TV), but you'd have to make glasses that were each '1 eye' only (i.e. a left filter only pair and a right only pair). A quick search suggests that it's exactly what this is - you just need special specs...
    LG How-to & Tips: Details of 3D Settings and Dual Play on your LG webOS TV | LG U.K.

    It seems that this setting is designed to work with a single game console as input and a game that supports dual play. I'm not clear if there is any technical difference between this and a standard 3D image aside from the viewing glasses.

    I would guess that a two-console setup would be possible, but would require additional hardware to combine and synchronise two signals into one feed (probably what the console is doing in normal Dual Play mode). It could then be viewed as '3D', but with Dual Play glasses. However, this is the first time I've heard of this feature and don't know the technicalities.
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    Someone on the AVSforum also mentioned this but see no need to have the consoles sync’d? Could you explain?

    So yes, technically exactly like normal 3D. All they have done is made glasses with 2 left lenses and 2 right lenses.

    The dual play mode works with any single source. What we would like is for it work work with two sources. The TV can already combine two sources on a splitscreen view with an app that came pre installed called multiview. I have the 55 C6, can’t be sure but I think it’s been available on most models for years as forum posts go right back to 2012 talking about it.

    As deihnyx has said the option for dual play is greyed out when in multiview. Maybe there is a technical limitation? Or maybe LG though it would be too confusing to set up for your average consumer...
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    It seems the solution would be to alter the firmware or something similar?

    Is that something that can be done?
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    I'm no expert, but multiview and Dual play are different things. I expect you could do a side by side or top and bottom multiview display of two images, but your game machines will output full images that you either have to squash or stretch, maintain the aspect ratio with black space around or make the image with half the height or width. As remarked above, you will likely get distortion or loss of resolution. 4 images on a really big screen might work...

    Regarding Dual play, LG offers passive 3D displays*. The two images are interlaced, with each line on the screen polarized differently to the next. The polarization matches that of the two lens filters, so each eye sees a slightly different image for a 3D effect. With 'Dual play' the two images are different 2D points of view and each player (having both lenses the same) only sees their own viewpoint. Multiple images tessellated on one screen won't work with this.

    My assumption is that a display takes a single input signal and displays it according to a timer. Attempting to use two unsynchronised inputs would likely mess up the system with interference and anyway, how do you persuade the TV to display 2 inputs at once in the same image area? A 3D signal contains two synced images as does a dual play one. It's perfectly possible to sync two sources, but this requires extra circuitry that would add expense to a display intended only to display a pre-formatted input.

    It might be possible to synchronise the timing with an old genlock box, but you still need the TV to rapidly switch between the two inputs and / or interlace them - it's still expecting a single input source. So you need another box to to format them as a 3D signal the TV can recognise and deliver that to a single input. My assumption is that with Dual play on a console, it is either a hardware graphics mode or a software thing where perhaps the graphics HW is split to create two images and also combined to the single output. (Presumably, a game could use the same mode to offer a 3D view in a single player game). The point is that the game is combining the images at source, not the TV.

    I'm afraid none of this solves your problem as I'm guessing Dual play is a game feature that preformats a signal for a single input. I'm not actually clear how this is different from a 3D signal - it's just different glasses. Maybe something is done with image processing or sound..? As above, technically you could buy various boxes to take two inputs and convert them to a 3D or dual play output if your games don't offer the dual play option.

    I revisited this thread because I saw this: MirraViz lets two gamers see different perspectives on the same screen - The Verge
    $2000-3000 and you don't even need a TV! Problem solved?

    * The other system is 'active' which shows alternate full images at higher frame rates and powered glasses with LCD shutters in sync to show every other image to one eye only.
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