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    I have an LG 43UH620V, and am having a problem where sometimes when I go in to the EPG it won't show the shows that are currently on, but will be showing shows that were on at an earlier point in the day. This is quite annoying and I know that I can just push the blue button to get it to the current shows, but I shouldn't have to do this. Anyone else experiencing this problem or know of a fix?


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    I'd suggest checking the clock, but if the blue button is a fix, that would suggest the TV does know the current time. Can the time be set manually or is automatic? Does this only happen when you first switch on? I expect the time can be set from the broadcast signal or the internet. If a time offset can be set on the guide, it makes no sense to default to the past. Is the offset consistent (e.g. always 3 hrs earlier) or does it vary?
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    The clock is set automatically, and is always showing the correct time. It doesn't usually happen when first switched on, it happens when the TV has been on for a while.

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