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    My TV has WebOS 2.0
    Here's how I'm doing it with any Android:

    1. Download the app **TV Cast** on **LG Content Store**

    2. Download this 3 apps on Android:
    [Ace for Twitch](
    [TV Cast for LG](
    [Web Video Cast](

    3. Open **Ace for Twitch**, find **Settings**, click on **Playback behavior**, select the option **always ask** (now you will be able to choose the quality of the stream)

    4. Find the stream you wanna watch and click on the **Share** button.

    5. Select the quality that you wanna watch on your TV.

    6. Now click on **Web Video Caster**

    7. The app will ask to connect to the WebOSTV tap **Close**

    8. Click on the URL bar and copy the link


    9. Open **TV Cast** on your LG WebOSTV

    10. Now open **TV Cast for LG** on your phone

    11. On the right top corner theres a button (Connect / Disconnect) to connect you phone to the TV

    12. Follow the instructions to connect your Phone and TV

    13. After connecting them, go to your phone and click on the "**pencil button**"

    14. Paste the link you copied from **Web Video Caster** and then press **OK** on the keyboard

    15. Click on **CAST NOW**

    16. It works! If something went wrong please share with me on the comments =P

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