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    Hi - I have an LG Oled TV and I am looking for a wireless keyboard that will allow me to enter search entries into say youtube and amazon video. I tried the logitech K400 plus which although was fine with netflix, but would only allow left right up down and enter keys on youtube. Is that a general incompatibilty with the specific keyboard or will I not actually find one that allows keyboard entry on to youtube - thank you all
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    I wonder if the original webOS BT keyboard would work. Has anyone ever tried it?
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    My understanding is apps that use their own on-screen keyboards instead of the built-in on-screen keyboard will not work with a physical keyboard. I haven't tried in a while, but I do remember it didn't work with Amazon for sure.
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    Oh, and I don't think any BT keyboards work. Only USB and wireless with USB nub. But I am going off memory of what I've read on here. Memory untrustworthy.
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    I think based on the fact that the USB keyboard works with the Google Play Movies all means that Google and Amazon can make it work. I'd say we need to start asking them to update them to work with hardware keyboards.

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