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    I think about buying the LG 43UH650V and can't find any infos about which of the Magic Remotes are compatible if any.
    Is the MR 650 a possible choice? I realized with some dismay, that only a small number of TVs are compatible with the Magic Remote. That's a bit of a shame.

    Any info about the compatibilities of my chosen TV with the Magic Remote are greatly appreciated.
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    As nobody could answer this, yes, the MR 650 is compatible. Lower models (400 to 600) are not.

    I will be getting my new TV today. The Magic Remote was ordered via Amazon and is already in the house. Also I have to wireless headsets from Thompson, so we can watch TV even when the baby sleeps.

    Eager to try out the new plaything...
    War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left...
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    Congratulations on your new LG webOS TV. I'm sure you'll enjoy YouTube, Netflix, and SmartShare, among other apps and features. Ours didn't come with a Magic Remote, but we downloaded the LG TV app for iOS. Share your experience with us soon. :-)

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    TV setup was easy. Usability is great. My wife has acromatopsy and therefore is strongly visual impaired. She would wish for less colours and bigger text with more contrast, but she is happy over all with it and loves it much more than our 55" Samsung in the living room.
    The magic remote is nice.
    Performance of WebOS3.0 is generally good. Sometimes functions lag a bit behind.
    The LG Content Store is somewhat of a desert, except for Netflix et. al. there is not much to find. Basically same as the old WebOS Store for the mobile devices
    Picture is brilliant (UHD with HDR).

    That's that.
    War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left...
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