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    Hi guys

    After a long absence (switching from WebOS Smartphones to Google Nexus devices ) I plan to buy a WebOS 3.0 TV. Some user comments on Amazon & CO are talking about performance issues with WebOS 3.0. This is, as far as I could find out, depending from the TV device and the built in processor.

    My question is, which TVs (ranging 32" to 50") are quick and cheap? Can you recommend something?
    In Austria and Germany we get LG WebOS TVs around 40" for 360,- to 450,- € So that would be the pricerange I am aiming at.

    Any hints greatly appreciated
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    I still have an early V1 WebOS tv I think it is 47lb650v. It was upgraded to v2 over time and performance improved greatly. I live the interface. The performance is fine for me for watching tv, Netflix, Amazon, now tv etc. I'm sure the newer models have much more memory and processing, when I come to get a new TV, I'll not hesitate to go WebOS 3.x or later.
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    The performance on my tv 55UH6090 honestly varies vastly, I have found that opening apps seems to be extremely streamlined if opened from main menu, however switching apps does have about 5-10 seconds of lag, which does get progressively worse the more that you have opened before the tv has been reset. Also worth mentioning, I believe there is some sort of recent app cache that gets erased if instead of switching apps you hit exit on the remote, as doing this will ensure a speedy response through entire viewing session. All in all tho WEBOS 3.0 is one of the best tv firmware I have used to date. I am loving the functionality.

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