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    Hello. I just got a LG 50uh5500 smart tv and when setting up the Live TV, I notice that I dont have the option for Cable/Satellite through HDMI as I've seen in some videos online. Is the magic remote needed to enable this option? And if so, does the TV not recognize my phone as a "magic remote" through the LG TV Plus app?

    I also have a logitech harmony remote so I'm thinking maybe somehow I can program it as a magic remote to trick the TV?
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    Good question - any one who has a non-magic remote television tried using the app? Does it work like a magic remote, or is that simply not supported in any way unless the TV is designed for that type of remote?
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    Where is this app to try it out?

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    Good grief, LG, clean up the Play Store! I had to sort through five apps that sounded the same (among dozens of other LG apps), then I picked the wrong one the first time. Haven't tested with my TV yet, will do when I get back home.
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    Well, LG TV Plus app works, and it works well enough, but not what I would describe as just like the smart remote. It recognizes the TV, not really the other way. It has a touchpad mode that lets you move the cursor around, but it's not really more convenient than plugging in a wireless mouse (well, except for having a phone on me more often than a mouse ). It has modes for channel and volume adjusting, a home button, an input menu, I think an app mode that shows all the apps you have installed and will launch them. There's also a built-in mode for sharing pics and videos on the TV, but it crashed every time I tried to access videos. There is also an older Smart Share app that works pretty well for this, though I can't say which I really liked better.

    One thing I do find annoying about the TV Plus app is the mostly-persistent notification with the volume and channel controls. You can close it, but it keeps coming back after a wile. I hate persistent notifications! Maybe it keeps coming back because I left the TV on when I came upstairs? Hmm, I think not, because it says I'm not connected and I have to pair if I want to control the TV - well DUH!
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    Can you explain what you mean by "Cable/Satellite through HDMI" ? Do you mean the ability to control the cable or satellite over HDMI, access the guide, etc? I have my "cable" (Google Fiber TV) box hooked up to HDMI and obviously it works fine, so I assume you mean something more.

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