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    Just bought an LG 55UH750V. Seems you can't change what pics. are displayed on the screensaver? Does anyone know if there's a way? And I'm not talking about connecting a PC as signal and have it running a slideshow.

    It's annoying and ruins the experience of having ownership of an expensive product. I'm sick of that dog(though cute, obviously). I've tried to deactivate screensaver fuction but no avail - dog, mountain, flower, sponge are still being displayed relentlessly.

    If this doesn't get solved, I'll get my money back... Any help will be appreciated :-)
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    i think the pictures are stored in the internal storage...if we could add to this it would be great but I haven't seen a way to do this.

    It is a bummer that they gave only 4 crummy pictures. It would have been better if this option was available in the prefs or new pictures came from a web linked album.

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