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    I hope someone here can help me. I have an LG 60UF850V television and a Philips HTL6140 soundbar. I wanted to set them up with ARC so the soundbar powers on and off with the TV and can be controlled with the TV remote. This was working perfectly well. Plugged the soundbar to the HDMI ARC port and optical cable on the TV and enabled Simplink and everything was working well. Sound was going to the soundbar, volume control worked etc...

    But as soon as I plug in the PS3 to a non HDMI ARC port (according to the TV anyway), the soundbar doesn't get sound anymore or power on/off with TV and ARC starts flashing on the soundbar as if it cannot find the connection. Another thing is the TV would be set up to have the audio output as HDMI ARC/Optical but when I plug the PS3 in changes automatically to Internal Speaker. Changing it again to HDMI ARC on the TV results in no connection with the soundbar. Then if you unplug the PS3 HDMI everything starts working again.

    It seems like the PS3 causes some interference with this. Does anyone know how I can completely disable HDMI CEC from the PS3 or stop it from interfering? I don't need to control the PS3 with the TV remote. I only want the soundbar set up like this.

    What I tried:
    Holding Power On button on PS3 until the second beep so display settings are reset.
    Tried Control for HDMI as On or Off
    Plugged PS3 into different ports on the TV (never on the ARC port. I always leave the soundbar there).

    I tried playing with the TV settings and also configured HDMI 3 (where the PS3 is) as a game console in hope that the TV doesn't let it interfere or something. Or maybe a way to make the TV to ignore the PS3?

    I found that apparently you can cut the PIN13 wire from the HDMI cable which is used for CEC and things should be solved but I'd like to avoid that as I don't really know how to make sure the correct wire is cut.

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    To anyone interested I solved the issue by pushing back pin 13 with a something sharp.That's it. Nothing else is required. Just push it slightly back so it doesn't make contact.

    HDMI Pin13.jpg

    Please ignore the thumbnail. The wrong pin is marked there.
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    Mine was doing the same so I've disabled HDMI control on my PS3.

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