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    Hello everyone.

    I bought new TV few days ago. Its LG 49UH600 .

    I started it up, and everything is ok. But I cant use my application. It say that I need to update them, but when I choose update, it cant go.
    Also is with LG store - It cant open it.

    After I read over the internet I found that I have to register account for my LG TV.
    And that I can find it in Settings - General - and Account settings

    But when I go to settings - general - I dont have that option, there is no option to set up account.

    My firmware is updated to the latest one.

    I tried with factory reset, but I got the same.

    What to do ?
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    I happen to have just done a factory reset on my LG 42LB650V (to try to resolve an issue with HD channels, but let's not go there).

    The only place where my LG account was requested / available was within the LG Store app. (I'm pretty sure you used to set up an LG account in Settings, as you describe, but you don't need it outside the Store so I think this new arrangement makes sense.) If you can't launch the Store, you may be rather stuck. I think that is your problem.

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