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    Today I hooked up my rabbit ears to my new 24" LG webOS TV. I don't need them, since I have cable, but wanted to check out the tuner interface. I went into settings and ran the channel scan, which scanned for both antenna and cable digital and analog stations (which I found odd since I thought all analog broadcasts had been shut down). I was rather disappointed in the tuner performance. My new LG only picked up 5 stations, all sub-stations for the same main station. This is the same antenna and location I used with my old Samsung TV, which picked up all of the local HD broadcast stations. Is this typical of LG's lower end sets or an anomaly?

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    Over here you write that it's a basement TV. Is it a smaller size than the original? Was the Samsung originally tuned with the same antenna and in the same position?.

    I don't have any answers - just superstition really, but in your position, I would take the TV to the top of the house and / or connect it to the main antenna on the roof (if you have one) and retune. This gives you the best possible signal to seek the channels. Once stored in memory, well a digital signal pretty much either works or it doesn't, so if you picked up all the stations, you might find you can still receive them when you return the TV to it's home. I.E.: The signal may still be weak, but the TV now knows where it is without having to search.

    If you can't get the stations under ideal conditions, you might want to talk to LG about that. If you can, but reception is poor in the basement, then perhaps a better aerial (or additional feed from a main aerial) or booster is required. Another option might be to stream from another device in the house, but I know little about this.
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    Yes, it's sitting in the same spot and using the same antenna, as I stated above. I even tried directly tuning known local digital broadcast stations and it wouldn't pick them up, which I found odd.. I don't recall a setting for picking antenna vs cable, and it scanned for both, so it may auto-switch and handle both.

    I haven't had much time to tinker with it, but I'll work on it today. We haven't had a rooftop antenna in several years - we only had it to get the local channels when we had DirecTV, and we didn't need it after we switched to cable. I do still have it, and I've considered hanging it from the basement ceiling - even that would be better than a pair of rabbit ears I'd think. Like I said, I have cable, so the antenna isn't really necessary, I just wanted to play with the full capabilities of the TV and see if the guide worked, which it does for the 5 channels it found.
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    My guess would be that the LG tuner is simply not the same quality.

    The best tuner performance that I get in our house is with an old DA converter tuner and a set of old school rabbit ears, even though we have a brand new Toshiba LED tv and a decent roof-mounted antenna.

    Go figure, I guess manufacturers are not too focused on tuner performance as compared to making everything so dang "smart".

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    I eventually got it to find most of the local stations by moving the antenna out past the end of the wall my TV sits in front of. The cord isn't long enough to leave it there unless I add an extension, which hopefully won't weaken the signal. Of course I still don't need it.
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