So, I can connect my LG Smart+ TV (model 60LB7100-UT) to my ASUS RT-N56U router, but I'm getting a "no internet via Wi-Fi" error. Here's some details:

- Both router and tv are updated to the latest firmware/software.
- Signal strength should not be an issue (not to far away, not too close)
- I've tried setting my router to an open network with no password, it did not work
- Tried disabling the firewall, did not work
- Guessing this isn't a router/security problem?
- Tried other various solutions across the web, seems like a common problem a lot of people can't fix
- This is the one lead I could not figure out (don't know how to get to the singage setup screen).
- Does not seem to be getting to the DNS server step?

Any ideas?