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    Hello Guys,
    Everytime I start my TV I see this ugly no signal for Live TV in LG smart OS 2. I only use youtube and Netflix on it. or smart share.
    How can I get rid of it? instead having some beautiful background or a clock or whatever else. This is really ridiculous that they haven't think anything about this.
    I don't want Live TV. even the old smasung TVs had some background selection tools or a clock widget on screen.
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    I cut the chord and don't have a 'live tv' signal either and I don't have this issue. I simply use a Roku player or Chromecast and simply leave it on that input when I turn the TV off. The TV should start up to whatever input had when you turned it off. But.. having said that, if you aren't using a streaming device, I'd suggest getting one. Even if you get a cheap Chromecast device and plug it in, it will always have a beautiful picture in the background if you just use that as your input item.

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