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    Hi all,

    I have an Australian WebOs 3.0 TV 55UH652T which I'd like to get BBC iPlayer onto.

    Does anyone have a way of entering the EZ Adjust menu to change the location to UK for this model, ideally via a Samsung Galaxy app?


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    Ok, this is in fact rather simple as long as your happy to pay five pounds a month. There is a company called streamvia who do both VPN and a system called smartstream which I have to say works on everything! First change your tv settings to make your tv think it is a UK tv, system will re-boot and then iplayer should install and channel 4!

    Anyway, following there setup instructions for an android tv and voila all is good. Now you also have to install the system on a pc as well so that you can login and enable your account, the only setting you have to change is your dns server numbers on both your pc and tv.

    Fantastic! Just got it working in Kyrgyzstan 10 minutes ago..
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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the reply, but the issue is actually that I can't select UK in the TV menu.
    It's locked into the Australia/Pacific rim region.



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