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    Firstly hello, first time webOS user here.

    We have existing Samsung TVs in our home, and I nearly bought another one yesterday only the salesperson recommend the LG 65UF770V which was cheaper and has an IPS panel. I went away, read some reviews, and I am now the proud owner of this model

    The reason we always went for Samsung in the past is because they offer on demand apps or 'widgets' for the main terrestrial television stations here in Ireland where I am, and the UK. They are region locked, but if you block the Samsung update servers on your router, you can prevent the firmware from updating from the original. This allowed us to sideload apps from both countries at the same time. The lower firmware versions also make it easier/possible to root the TVs.

    As far as I am away there is currently no Irish TV on demand apps for webOS, and even in the UK which is a much larger market there is just BBC iPlayer and Demand5.

    Please answer these questions:

    1. Is there anything I should do before connecting the TV up to our network and allowing updates like with the Samsung TVs? I just do not want to find later I am locked out of some homebrew or otherwise feature because I allowed updates.
    2. I am going to stick ChanSort on a USB stick before I mount it, but is there anything else I should put on the USB stick to sideload? Perhaps there are some cool third party apps that provide extra features?
    3. Is there anyway to install webOS apps from multiple regions, and am I at any disadvantage selecting UK as my region even though I am in Ireland? I just selected UK as a precaution, as we mainly use UK on demand services. FTR I use a DNS service that makes it appear we are in the UK to BBC iPlayer etc.
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    The change of the country to be able to download different apps isn't done via the GUI, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $For$ $example$, $to$ $enable$ $MHP$ $settings$ $in$ $a$ $imported$ $TV$ $I$ $have$, $was$ $made$ $via$ $a$ $third$ $party$ $remote$ $controller$ $that$ $allows$ $me$ $to$ $enter$ $secret$ $menu$ $of$ $the$ $TV$.
    This is just a link to the guide I followed in an italian site.

    All that said I'm pretty sure you'll be able to tweak your TV some with other threads in this forum, but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $sideload$ ($USB$ $loading$) $isn$'$t$ $a$ $thing$ $for$ $LG$ $apps$, $so$ $you$ $have$ $to$ $download$ $all$ $apps$ $from$ $the$ $LG$ $Store$ $and$ $that$ $is$.

    I have a WebOS 1.0 TV, and the firmware updates have hugely improved the experience of the TV so I wouldn't recommend to stop them. I don't know how it goes for 2.0 TVs.
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