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    I've just bought an LG 43UF770V WebOS TV and have connected it to my NAS drive via Smartshare. However, the NAS is permanently spinning up when the TV is on. I can usually only hear it when it's being accessed by a network device but as soon as the TV is switched on, the HDD ramps up to hyperspeed and stays on permanently. It's a Zyxel NSA310, is there a setting I can alter to avoid this happening?


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    I don't know of any settings, but I can tell you that when the TV boots, it searches for DLNA media servers, and gets information about their content to cache for future use. If you have a lot of stuff on your server (like literally thousands of files, like I had my music collection on mine, like 50k files) it can take hours, since it's doing it in the background and intentionally (i presume) slowly, a few at a time, to avoid having large hits to the CPU. I would presume that once it has the data cached, it would remember it, and try to only request info on new things.. but i don't know how the internals of all of that work, only what it's doing.
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