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First 2016 HDR-Enabled LG 4K Ultra HD LCD/LED TVs Available at Retail This Month.

LG Electronics USA today announced pricing and availability for its 2016 "LG SUPER UHD TV" series, the company's premium line of LED-backlit LCD 4K UHD TVs, which were previewed at CESŪ 2016. Available starting this month, LG SUPER UHD TV models feature LG's most advanced LED picture quality ever and offer the first complete high dynamic range (HDR) experience with support for both DolbyVision™ and HDR10.

"Leading the way with HDR, LG continues to pioneer picture quality innovation in both our OLED and LED UHD TVs. With our new LG SUPER UHD TV lineup, we're delivering our best 4K LED TVs yet offering consumers a superior viewing experience with four times the resolution of Full HD, over a billion rich colors and elevated brightness, along with the first available complete HDR experience," said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA. "LG SUPER UHD TVs are the first to be compatible with all HDR formats for images that come to life as never before along with access to the most HDR content choices."

The 2016 LG SUPER UHD lineup comprises three series (UH9500, UH8500, UH7700) with nine models in 55- to 86-inch class screen sizes. Beginning later this month, 55-, 60- and 65-inch class models from the new UH8500 and UH7700 series will be available for purchase at retail stores nationwide. Additional LG SUPER UHD TV models will be available, including a 75-inch class model from the UH8500 series and the entire UH9500 series 86- and 65-inch class models, will be available later this spring.

Display and color performance advancements for a superior picture

The entire LG SUPER UHD lineup boasts LG's advanced IPS 4K Quantum display technologies, which enhance color reproduction. For example, Color Prime Plus creates vivid images with greater depth and realism by magnifying the range of colors that can be displayed on the screen. With the IPS 4K Quantum Display, the picture stays the same from any viewing angle, so viewers can sit anywhere in the room without experiencing picture distortion.

Another LG innovation, "Billion Rich Colors," uses 10-bit processing power to give LG SUPER UHD TVs the capability to render more than one billion possible colors for an impressive level of realism.
Similar to its 2016 LG OLED TVs, LG teamed up with premium audio manufacturer harman/kardon to give the LG SUPER UHD TV a deep, rich sound system.

All LG SUPER UHD TV models come with the newest generation of LG's acclaimed webOS Smart TV platform.
LG's webOS 3.0 adds advanced new features to make finding and switching between LG's expanded content options – including broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices – simple and fast. With enhanced mobile connectivity, remote features and more content options – including those offering streaming HDR – LG webOS 3.0 makes it even simpler and more fun than ever for users to find and enjoy the content they want to watch.

Complementing LG SUPER UHD TV's picture performance is its sleek design, which blends in naturally with any living space. The top-tier models feature the new UniScreen design that seamlessly integrates the panel and body. With a bezel so thin, a more immersive experience is possible because the viewer perceives that the TV screen is floating.

LG's Ultra Slim design makes LG SUPER UHD TVs incredibly thin. For example, the 65-inch class 65UH9500 model measures 6.6 millimeters (about a quarter of an inch) at its thinnest point. The modern Ultra Slim design provides excellent space efficiency for today's living environments.

The first complete HDR experience with the most content choices
LG SUPER UHD TV series feature Super HDR technology, enabling these sets to show next-generation HDR content that has been specially mastered to reveal brighter brights and darker blacks with greater shadow detail for a more cinematic experience. Super HDR combines LG's ULTRA Luminance technology to boost peak brightness and improved black level performance along with LG Color Prime Plus technology to heighten HDR performance and incorporates Dolby Vision technology, making them the first sets compatible with all HDR formats currently available.*

"Dolby Vision brings images to life on the new LG SUPER UHD TVs with a combination of brighter highlights, increased contrast, ultra-vivid colors and sharper details," said, Roland Vlaicu, Dolby Laboratories vice president, consumer imaging. "With a robust slate of Dolby Vision titles already available through streaming service providers, consumers are guaranteed an unparalleled HDR experience in their living room, where watching TV is now more like looking through a window."

Dolby Vision combines two powerful capabilities – high dynamic range and wide color gamut – resulting in astonishing images that, compared to standard pictures, deliver brighter highlights, more light-to-dark contrast, and colors never before seen on TV. Dolby Vision-enabled devices deliver images that take advantage of the full capability of the display to provide images that most closely match the artistic intent of the director.

Using technology that analyzes content on a scene-by-scene basis in real time, LG SUPER UHD TVs with Dolby Vision optimize HDR content to render images that achieve natural contrast and vivid color. As a result, this "dynamic metadata" can optimize the bright and dark areas of each frame allowing the TV to achieve overall improved color reproduction for a more realistic picture throughout the duration of the content.

LG is working with leading global content providers, including Amazon Video, Netflix and VUDU, to offer LG SUPER UHD TV owners HDR streaming content on LG TVs through its webOS Smart TV interface.

Amazon Video currently has titles available in HDR on LG TVs and will soon begin offering a Dolby Vision enhanced experience. "Amazon Video provides customers with HDR content today, and we're thrilled to work with LG to extend our premium offering to include a Dolby Vision enhanced HDR experience on LG SUPER UHD TVs," stated Jim Freeman, Vice President of Digital Video at Amazon. "We can't wait for our customers to have even more ways to enjoy a premium movie and TV viewing experience."

"The combination of LG SUPER UHD TV's picture quality and high dynamic range compatibility enables Netflix to deliver an even more visually stunning experience," said Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer, Netflix. "We look forward to delivering the potential of HDR across a growing number of titles over the coming years."

Most major studios have announced support for Dolby Vision and Dolby estimates as many as 100 titles could be available by the end of 2016. Currently, VUDU offers more than 30 Dolby Vision titles for consumers to enjoy at home.

"VUDU UHD provides customers with Dolby Vision-enabled televisions a cinematic experience at home," said Scott Blanksteen, vice president of product, VUDU. "We're excited to team up with LG to offer this premium experience to more customers."

Series, models and suggested pricing for LG SUPER UHD TVs include:
86-inch class (85.6 inches diagonal) model 86UH9500: $9,999
65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal) model 65UH9500: $3,999

75-inch class (74.6 inches diagonal) model 75UH8500: $4,999
65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal) model 65UH8500: $2,999
60-inch class (59.5 inches diagonal) model 60UH8500: $2,299
55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal) model 55UH8500: $1,999

65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal) model 65UH7700: $2,799
60-inch class (59.5 inches diagonal) model 60UH7700: $2,099
55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal) model 55UH7700: $1,799
For more information on LG SUPER UHD TVs, please visit LG Super UHD TVs with 4K HDR Technology | LG USA.
*Dolby Vision HDR technology will be available on 2016 SUPER UHD TVs via a firmware update in early April.

**Wireless Internet connection & certain subscriptions required and sold separately. Agreement to smart TV terms and conditions required to use certain smart features. Content and services vary by product and are subject to change without notice. webOS does not support Flash. In order to stream 4K content you will need a high speed internet plan capable of receiving 20Mb per second of data.

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