Since August of last year (2015) I was able to connect my LG Smart TV (55UB8200) to xfinitywifi hotspots, without a problem. My building is full of xfinitywifi hotspots (5 or 6 of them with full bars). I never had the need to buy a modem or router. When I initially setup the connection, I simply opened the Smart TV's internet browser, went to and entered a user name and password to log in. The login information must have been stored deep in the TV somewhere because thereafter, when I turned the TV on, after waiting for a minute, it would connect and I would watch netflix, hulu, etc. without a problem.

For some reason now, connecting my TV to the network is near impossible. I can't get the TV's Internet Browser to open anymore as it says the network is not connected and its only after running the setup process for hours, that I occasionally get the TV to connect (if even!!) - update: by the time of this posting it is no longer connecting.

I called Xfinity and they initially said Smart TVs don't connect to hotspots and after I swore my soul that mine connected, one of their reps said they can't guarantee the connection via hotspots. I tried getting help from two different reps thereafter to no avail - they're just not really techs. The people of LG blame Xfinity's network - but It's bizarre because our phones and laptop do connect without fault to the xfininitywifi networks. I'm wondering if this had something to do with an electric storm the other night that reset some sort of stored data somewhere? - I managed to open the browser after I used my smartphone as a tethered hotspot and noticed the username and password at are still active because I was still logged in. Even if the data had been deleted and is gone though, how could it still connect occasionally? It's as if all of the routers in the building ran out of IPs or all Xfinity hotspots decided to ban my TV from connecting.

How can I fix this?