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    I recently bought LG 43UF778V and so far it has been great. However when I stream videos from my PC using smart share each of the videos appears more than once. Additionally some of the duplicates have had their names changed to something which bears no relation to anything stored on the PC. Does anyone have any explanation for this weird behaviour and/or a solution to correct it?
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    I get the idea that these files might be a raw video file and a meta data file (I could be wrong). Perhaps the system is supposed to display, say, the programme title and cover art, according to the meta-data, but is simply displaying all the actual files? Does every file 'work' when opened? Maybe this is normal and you are expecting a fancier interface than what is supplied...

    Are the file sizes different? (the larger ones will be the video). What do you see when you browse the folder on the PC? If you only see duplicates on smart share and the file sizes are the same size, then that does suggest a fault in the interface.

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