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    According to telecompaper, Spanish wireless testing specialist AT4 Wireless has announced that Certification Testing for the first wave of ‘AllJoyn Certified’ products has been successfully performed. According to AT4, the LG webOS TV from LG Electronics is the first consumer electronics’ device in compliance with IoT AllJoyn Certified program.

    AT4 wireless has been recently selected as the Authorized Laboratory for new AllJoyn Certified Program. AT4 reports it has successfully performed the required conformance and real world interoperability testing for the end products and software components which are part of the first wave of products allowed to show AllJoyn Certified mark.

    LG webOS TV from LG Electronics is part of this group of products, becoming the first Smart TV AllJoyn Certified.

    AllJoyn Certification on LG webOS TV ensures that this LG product interoperates in an AllJoyn ecosystem with other AllJoyn devices, being able to be configured and controlled, display notifications etc, thus enabling the IoT.

    LG webOS TV is world's first AllJoyn Certified IoT smart TV - Telecompaper
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    Honestly, I don't know what on earth is that IoT AllJoyn Certificate program, but I know that i'm a user among many who are really really disappointed with the large amount of money they have spent on a smart tv that runs an outdated OS and cannot find most of their favorite apps/services to use with the "SMART" device they have ...
    the way I see it ... in a short while people will hear about this and will only buy LG "Regular" monitors and tvs for their image quality .. and "SMART" no more ...

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