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    I own a LG55UF860 for few days.
    In fact I use it like a monitor. I don't have any TV broadcast, no aerial, no cable, no sat and I don't want them.
    So I didn't set up the LIve TV.
    1 - Is it possible to remove the tiles I don't need, like LG content, TV guide, etc ? There is no sign to do so, like other Netflix... Will it be possible to display them again in case I need them?

    2 - At this time I try to setup my player to receive CEC commands through the AVR. I can't get it working. Is it possible to SSH this TV (wired, WIFI) to get some technical info?

    Many thanks
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    2 more questions:

    3 - Is it possible to SSH this TV?

    4 - Is it possible to use the TV as network bridge? I mean:
    Modem/router <WIFI> TV <X-ethernet cable> AVR/other device

    5 - Is it possible to pair a bluetooth keyboard and the magic remote in the same time to the TV? Any link how to.

    6 - Could you confirm the LG55UF860 has an IR receiver for IR remote? Where can I find the IR codes list?

    However the most important now it that I can't control my player with CEC through my AVR. Any help is welcome.

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