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    My new LG TV has only three HDMI ports. This would be okay if Simplink sent key presses through my receiver.

    Is there a reason that Simplink cannot control devices using CEC (Simplink) through a receiver?

    I had no problem with two other TV brands (which I won't mention here) sending keys through the receiver over CEC.

    Oh, power does make it through just no other keys from the remove.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Is this a WebOS problem? Will WebOS 3.0 fix this?
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    Hi Gary,

    I have as well the same issue.
    I own a LG55UF860 for few days and can't set it up correctly.
    I have a Denon AVR, HDMI monitor1 ARC output connected to TV HDMI2-ARC.
    A Raspberry Pi2 running Kodi connected to AVR HDMI5 (Media player).
    From the TV remote, I can control directly AVR volume, mute, programs and through the virtual (on screen) remote, AVR input.

    In the connect I can see Home Theatre and Home Theater (Kodi) but no control at all.
    In All Inputs: Home Theatre I have
    - DENON, AVR-2313, Unknown
    - SIMPLINK Supported
    - Universal Control Configured for AVR-2313

    However I can't control anything to RPi/Kodi.

    BTW, is it possible to SSH LG TV?

    So, I'll try to find out and let you know in case.
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    Hi Gary,

    I have the same issue.
    I own a LG55UF860 for few days and can't set it up.
    I have a DENON AVR-2313 connected from AVR HDMI ARC monitor1 output to TV HDMI2 ARC input.
    Raspberry Pi2 running Kodi connected to AVR HDMI5 (Media Player).

    In Connection (up-right) I have
    - Home Theatre
    - Home Theatre (Kodi)

    In All Inputs I have
    Connected device:
    - DENON, AVR-2313, Unknown
    - SIMPLINK Supported
    - Universal Control Configured for AVR-2313

    I can directly control AVR volume, mute, programs and with the virtual (on screen) remote, Input.
    However I can't control anything to RPi/Kodi.

    I'll try to find what happen and let you know.

    BTW, is it possible to SSH LG TV?
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    Anyone able to control a device on the HDMI through the receiver?
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    Hi Gary,

    We are both with the same issue.
    I carry on with the debug. You can have a look in the Kodi forum here
    and here

    I asked few questions to LG support regarding my TV 55UF860V:
    - It is not possible to SSH the TV for user. In fact they don't want to provide the user and password. They say it will void the warranty.
    - The TV can't be used as Ethernet bridge. However it has SoftAP capacity.
    - The TV has a IR receiver but is locked because domestic device. Could you confirm? I have to test that.
    - It is not possible to pair a Bluetooth keyboard, only USB wire/wireless keyboard can be used

    Could you let me know what are your devices references, we can share experiences.

    Kind regards,
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    Smplink is frustrating me. I am running the latest webos 3.0 and love except for smplink. I can add my home theatre denon avrx 3200 to the home bar but I can't add any of other the devices connected to the av receiver as well. If I try add my PS4 it removes the denon avr. I can control my denon with the remote if it's in the home bar but to control my PS4 I have to overwrite my denon. That's not right and that's not how my other TVs work. Even my 2010 Panasonic lets me choose a device connected to my avr and control the device with the Panasonic remote. What's more all my devices connected to the avr are selectable with the Panasonic remote. Come on LG, the webos interface is awesome but smplink is limiting its potential. I have the lg oled b6.
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    I have the same issue. Smplink doesn't recognise I have multiple devices plugged into my avr yet my other tv from 2010 not by lg does. Lg missed something here. I can add my denon to the home screen and I can manually add my PS4 but because my PS4 is going through my denon it thinks it is on the same input which it is and overwrites the denon as a device. That means once I setup simplink I can control either my PS4 or my denon with the lg remote but only the one I most recently setup. This isn't right, I have an lg oled b6 and a high end a relatively modern and high denon avrx3200w. The tv should detect all cec compliant devices connected to the avr. I shouldn't necessarily have to set them up and why when I tell the tv about my avr must I detect a remote type, isn't it CEC a standard? Please, please resolve this LG as all my audio gear is sitting in a cupboard as my tv is hung on a bare wall so I can't plug all my devices into the TV.
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    I forgot my password and had trouble resetting it but I wanted to set the record straight. LG B6 can communicate to devices plugged into the receiver and the receiver itself. To access devices plugged into the reciever press the inputs button. All devices plugged in should be listed. Clicking on the reciever input twice should bring up the receiverme and it should be controllable through the TV remote. I still think the setup process is bit strange, it sure why it asks for a remote type and I am. It sure about the Stb buttons which always seem to want to take me to device control setup but I can operate everything with the tv remote control.
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    Their are definite issues here I haven't been able to resolve. To control my avr it basically needs to turn my PlayStation on. It doesn't seem to recognise the avr itself as a simplink supported device. This is very frustrating. My chrome cast doesn't seem to want to display a picture. If I chromecast via my receiver it will turn the tv on and go to the correct channel and play sound but no picture. This is driving me nuts.
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    The chromecast issue maybe related to my cable which is 15m long and not liking 4K. A recent firmware update to my av denon av receiver seems to have helped with the simplink controls a bit. It still turns my PS4 on but it does that on my Panasonic tv too I think. I don't set it up as an av receiver I set it up as other and just changed the icon and name as I can't use the infrared to control my av equipment because it's in a cabinet. The cec controls work when you know how to use them.

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