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    I got a 79UF8609 yesterday and I"m trying to link my phone with it, but on the relevant screen on my phone the TV just pops up for half a second and then off again, and it keeps coming and going like that. At the same time the PIN flashes up on the TV and disappears again.
    At the same time, on my Windows PC the TV keeps showing up in the network places for a second only to disappear again, constantly.
    Curiously though, when streaming things from my PC there is no problem.
    The TV is connected to my network via ethernet cable.
    Does anyone have a solution to this problem, or an explanation?
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    I'm suspecting that certain features only work over WiFi. I haven't tried to use the remote app (is that what you're trying to do with your phone? Or WiDi? Or .. umm.. whatever that other wireless display standard is that i'm having trouble thinking of...) .. but I can't get any of the wireless display stuff to work when I'm connected to wired. And I can't seem to get my WiFi to work (it used to, but it hasn't worked since I installed a second router that is very near the TV .. I wonder if the proximity did something bad to my WiFi circuits on the TV board... I know that sounds like absolute crap of an idea, and I wouldn't believe it myself, if I didn't have two other devices that I had to move away from the WiFi AP to get them to make their initial connections... but that doesn't seem to work for the TV anymore)
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